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Rwenzori Mountains National Park

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Personal Information



Marital status: Married

Nationality: Ugandan

Date of Birth: February 14, 1966

Place of Birth: Arua District, Uganda

Career Objectives


  • To combine my comprehensive skills in wildlife management with researches undertaken to enhance sustainable wildlife resource management for tourist experience and enjoyment: and benefit of communities adjacent to the protected areas
  • To contribute to development of sustainable tourism to support operations of the protected areas in Uganda wildlife Authority Estates
  • Liaise with stake holders in management of wildlife resources to provide benefit that will improve living standards of communities adjacent to the protected areas

As a zoologist I can offer,

  • Adaptive & science based Protected Area Management
  • Building of biodiversity inventories, natural resource protection & management, research and ecological monitoring
  • Extension services in the following fields; education and awareness campaigns, problem animal control and monitoring, environmental micro-projects and buffer zone development
  • Product development and provision of visitor services
  • Education and training of staff


Career History



  • My interest in conservation and wildlife management stemmed from the period when I held the position of General Secretary Makerere University Wildlife Association which exposed me to various environmental and conservation activities which include education and awareness campaigns about waste disposal, plant pest control, afforestation and soil protection.
  • Extension services which encompasses assessment of historical monuments and cultural sites in a bid to diversify soft tourism products as well as assessment of remnants of natural habitats adjacent to the PA for eco-tourism ventures
  • Participation in consultancies � signage and assessment of short term potential in tourism development in MFCA
  • Tourism promotion � domestic and international


Major Trainings

  • Community based tourism in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa: March 2003
  • Sustainable Tourism Development in Protected Area systems, in Kwazulu Natal � South Africa; March 2000
  • Distance Sampling Techniques to estimate wildlife populations, Hluhluwe - Umfolozi Park, South Africa:August � September, 2002
  • Management Development Programme, Uganda Management Institute; July 1999

Career interests:

Sustainable Natural Resource Management & Socio- Economic Development

Research and Field Experience

  • 1998 �2000: Comparative crop raiding patterns by mammals in Ngwedo and Amor parishes adjacent to Murchison Falls Conservation Area
  • April � June 1994: Waste disposal on Makerere Hill
  • March � June 1994: Musanga cecroipiodes as an ecological resource on Makerere Hill
  • January � March 1994: Socio � economic surveys of junior and Police quarters and estates on Makerere Campus
  • April � June 1996: A Survey of domestic livestock on Makerere Hill
  • December � March 1992/3: Field based plant collections and identification
  • April 1994: Comparison of bird diversity in planted and natural forests



  • January 2004 till present: Senior Warden In-charge Rwenzori Mountains National Park
  • June 1997 � December 2003: Warden In-charge of Tourism Development and services in Murchison Falls Conservation Area
  • December 1996 � May 1997: Warden In-charge of Rabongo Sector Murchison Falls Conservation Area
  • August 1995-November 1996: Graduate Teacher and Head of Biology Department at Lake Side College Luzira, Kampala

Qualifications attained:


  • 2001: Master of science (Zoology),Makerere University
  • 1996: Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Makerere University
  • 1995: Bachelor of science (Zoology), Makerere University






Watching Wildlife films, reading scientific journals bird watching and photography

Extracurricular activities


Volley Ball, Ring Ball and Football





  • Dr. Gilbert Isarbirye -Basuta,

Head Zoology Department,

Makerere University,

P.O Box 7062, Kampala

Tel. +256 -71 � 813552

e-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]


  • Mr. Bernard Twinomugisha,

Site Project Manager,

Rwenzori Mountains Conservation and Environmental Management Project (RMCEMP),

WWF - Uganda

P.O. Box 492, Kasese - Uganda

Off. Tel.:+256 � 39 - 706204

Mobile: + 256 � 77/71 � 465453

e-mail: [email protected]

  • Mr. Tom Okello Obong

Chief Warden

Queen Elizabeth Conservation Area

P.O Box 188, KaseseUganda

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Mobile: +256 � 77 � 550294

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