Second Circular



Tashkent, Uzbekistan


            31 AUGUST to 2 SEPTEMBER 2005




The final programme will be present in 3rd Circular.


Tuesday 30th August

18.00 - 19.00 Welcome & registration of participants (in the hotel)


Wednesday 31d August

09:00 � 09.30 Registration

09.30 - 10.00 Official opening of the Conference

Sessions & Posters

10.00 - 13.00 Morning session including coffee break
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 18.30 Afternoon session including coffee break
18:30-19:00 Poster session

Thursday 1st September

Sessions & Posters

09.00 - 13.00 Morning session including coffee break
13.00 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 18.30 Afternoon session including coffee break

Friday 2d September

Sessions & Posters

09.00 - 13.00 Morning session including coffee break
13.00 � 13.30 Conference close
13.30 - 14.30 Lunch
14.30 - 18.00 Visiting of office of Chatkal nature reserve (Parkent city) including coffee break
20.00 � Banquet (
~10 USD per person, not included in registration fees)




The registration form must be completed and returned with the payment by April 30th 2005. A late registration fee will be applied after April 30th 2005.


Registration fee

Before 30th April 2005

After 30th April 2005

Registration in situ

Standard registration

70 USD

85 USD

100 USD

Student registration

40 USD

50 USD

60 USD


Payment for accompanying persons is 25 USD (lunches and coffee breaks) totally.


Bank account for transferring the registration fees (in US dollars)

Account:  1399991001698958

Beneficiary:  Esipov Alexander

Beneficiary Bank:  Halyk Savings Bank of Kazakstan

     97 Rozybakieva street, 480046 Almaty, Kazakstan

     CHIPS UID: 350811


Correspondent Bank in USD:

     Correspondent account # 04400300 with Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, New York

     ABA                                                                                                : 021001033

     CHIPS ABA                                : 0103

     SWIFT BIC                                 : BKTRUS33


     Correspondent account # 0011006871 with JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York

     CHIPS ABA                                : 0002

     SWIFT BIC                                 : CHASUS33


Please bring proof of payment of your registration fee when collecting the conference material at the reception in Tashkent.



The conference will be held in Tashkent � the capital of Uzbekistan. Tashkent is located close to the Western Tien Shan ridge. Accommodation in Tashkent will be arranged with the Grand Orzu Hotel (US$30 - single and 35 � double; luxury suite - US$40 - single and 45 � double). Breakfast included.



Participants are invited to send the title and an abstract of their communications (both poster and oral communication) before 30th April 2005. The scientific committee on the basis of the submitted abstract will make the selection of oral communications. Please submit your abstract in English or Russian. Presentation of the abstracts in both languages will be highly appreciated. Abstracts of all contributions will be published in a programme booklet and available at the registration desk.


Directive for Abstracts:

      The entire abstract, including the title and author(s) must be 300 words or less

      Use Times Roman 12 pt font

      Type the title first in all capital letters. Next list authors, using asterisk (*) to denote the presenting author.

      Leave one line blank following the last author, and then list the author�s institutions and short address 

      Italicize scientific names

      Abbreviations which are generally understood are acceptable


Directive for oral communications

Contributed oral presentations will be 15 minutes long, with 5 minutes for questions and discussion after each communication. Contributors will dispose of projectors for transparencies, slides, LCD and video. Please indicate which soft you plan to use for your presentation (PowerPoint etc.)


Directive for posters

Posters will be exposed all along the Conference. Title and authors will be indicated at the top of the poster. Please ensure that all posters are clear, simple and legible from a distance of at least 1,5 m. Use a suitable sized font. Do not force too much detail on to tables, a few readily understood numbers are worth much more than detailed statistics � more detail can be included in the paper for publication. Include some large, colourful photographs! Posters should be in place as soon as possible after registration.


1.     Post-conference field trip to Menzbier�s marmot habitats in Chatkal nature reserve

(to our regret Menzbiers will be hibernate that season).


The visited places: Chatkal ridge: Bashkyzylsay river-Peaks Kurgantash, 3000 & Kyzyl-Nura, 3200

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Transfers: by car (Tashkent-Parkent- field base of nature reserve), by horses within Chatkal ridge

Travel expenses: transport expenses will be covered by administration of the nature reserve

Food - $10 per person/day

! Number of participant cannot surpass 6 persons.


2.     Travel in historical places of Uzbekistan (choose 3 different standard trips within the region)

(the information provided by travel agencies)

Tour 1.

The visited places: Tashkent � Samarkand � Tashkent

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

Average price of tour: 


2 per

4 per

6 � 8 per

10 � 15 per

$ 121

$ 92

$ 75

$ 89


Tour 2.

The visited places: Tashkent � Bukhara � Samarkand � Tashkent

Duration: 4 days � 3 nights

Average price of tour: 


2 per

4 per

6 � 8 per

10 � 15 per

$ 216

$ 176

$ 150

$ 176


Tour 3.

The visited places: Tashkent � Samarkand � Bukhara � Khiva -Tashkent

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights

Average price of tour: 


2 per

4 per

6 � 8 per

10 � 15 per

$ 371

$ 301

$ 261

$ 295


If you wish to participate in travel program please inform Organizing Committee by e-mail.


Note: plastic cards are not popular in Uzbekistan traditionally. More preferably form of payment is cash. It�s possible to cashed your money in the bank and exchange office. However you can use cards (for examples Visa Card) for payment in hotel and travel agency.


Third circular

Next information will be provided in the third circular.


In March the American Society of Mammalogists will publish "The Anatomy of the Woodchuck, Marmota monax." by A.Bezuidenhout and H.Evans. It will about 200 pages with 100 black & white illustrations. For more information and ordering of copy, please contact Prof. Howard Evans [email protected]. He is ready to bring some copies for you to Tashkent with him.



Registration Form

Last date for registration is 30 April 2005





Affiliation / Organization:��������������������������


Contact address:�������������������.��������...�.








I would present:

[   ] an oral communication

[   ] a poster

Author(s) and institution(s):..�������������������������

Title :����������������������������������


I need ���������������������������equipment for my presentation (projector for transparency, LCD projector, video etc.)



[   ] I require accommodation at Grand Orzu Hote

I need [   ] single; [   ] double; [   ] luxury single; [   ] luxury double room

                 Date of arrival���������

                 Date of departure�������...                                         

[   ] I shall take my own arrangements

I will be accompanied by ���person(s)


Please mail or email the Registration Form and Abstract to the Organizing Committee.


Organizing Committee

Alexander V. Esipov

Institute of Zoology, Uzbek Academy of Sciences

Nyazov str.,1, Tashkent, 700095, Uzbekistan

Tel: ++  (998712) 460718, 501144; Fax: ++ (99871) 1206791

E-mail: [email protected]