Geographic Distribution

Type Locality (Terra typica) :
Linnaeus : "in alpibus Helveticis"
Restricted by Thomas (1911ref:147) to Swiss Alps.
See also Protected Areas
Distribution :
M. m. marmota : France, Italy, Switzerland ; W Austria ; S Germany (Allgau, Berchtesgaden);
M. m. latirostris : Carpathian (Romania) and Tatra Mtns (Czechoslovakia, Poland)
  • Slovakia : Vysoke Tatry (High Tatras), Belianske Tatry, Zapadne Tatry (Western Tatras), Nizke Tatry (Low Tatras), (codes of orographic units: 181, 182, 183, 190) (Courtesy of Eduard Stloukal, DATABANK OF SLOVAK FAUNA).
  • Poland : Tatras National Park
  • Introduced into France (Mt Dore & Cantal in Central Massif, French Pyrenees), East Austria and Slovenia (N Yugoslavia).
    Self introduced in Spain (Spanish Pyrenees), Andorre.
    Introduced or re-introduced in Schwartzwald (Germany) in 1954-57.
    Visiting living specimens:
  • France: Montagne aux Marmottes, Eco-Parc Animalier, Domaine des Grisons, 05160 Le Sauze du Lac,
  • France: Prapic (Orcières, 05)
  • France: La Colline aux marmottes, Park for Pyrenean animals, Argelès-Gazost, France
  • France: Le parc de Merlet, In front of Mont Blanc, Les Houches, 74xxx France
  • Switzerland : Montreux
  • Russia : Park Zoologique d'Ekaterinburg (Ekaterinburg Zoopark)?
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