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Gordon Jarrell
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The Museum’s one million natural and cultural history specimens represent millions of years of biological diversity and more than 11,000 years of cultural traditions in the North. These collections provide the foundation for the Museum's research, education and exhibition programs.
The mammal collection contains over 79,000 specimens mostly from Alaska and adjacent regions of Canada and Russia. There are world-class holdings of northern carnivores, including pinnipeds. Another strength is the holdings from southeast Alaska's Alexander Archipelago. Tissues for more than 40,000 specimens are in the Alaska Frozen Tissue Collection.
Its collection of marmots consists of 74 specimens representing 4 identified species of Marmots of the World.

Genus MARMOTA Blumenbach, 1779

Data obtained by courtesy of Internet.
Marmot collection mainly consists of skulls, skeletons and skins.

Marmota broweri

10 specimens (United States, Alaska, 10).

Marmota caligata

36 specimens (Canada, B.C. 3 ; United States, Alaska, 33).

Marmota camtschatica

1 specimen (Russia, Yakutia, 1).

Marmota monax

27 specimens (United States, Alaska, 24 ; others, 3).

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