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On October 23, 1999, the Academy opened the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park, on the corner of Fullerton Parkway and Cannon Drive. The new Nature Museum serves as the cornerstone for the Academy's innovative scientific learning and environmental programs. The Chicago Academy of Sciences maintains a collection of about 200,000 specimens, from plants and animals to fossils and minerals. These collections give us a window into the past, help us to better understand what we see today, and aid us in planning for the future.
The Section of Mammals houses approximately 4,500 specimens.
Its collection of marmots consists of 41 specimens representing 2 identified species of American Marmots.

Genus MARMOTA Blumenbach, 1779

Data obtained by courtesy of Steven M. SULLIVAN.
Marmot collection mainly consists of skulls, skeletons and skins.

Marmota flaviventris

9 specimens (United States, Colorado, 8 ; Wyoming, 1).

Marmota monax

30 specimens (United States, Illinois, 19 ; Tennessee, 4 ; Arkansas, 2 ; WI, 2 ; WY, 1; IN, 1).

Marmota sp.

2 specimens.

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