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The Peabody Museum's Mammalogy collection is small, but worldwide in coverage, and is used principally for teaching purposes. The collections of mammal skins (5,086 skins, over 720 species) dates from the 19th century. Several presently rare and endangered species are represented, including the African elephant, black rhinoceros, orangutan, mountain gorilla, red wolf, black-footed ferret and snow leopard. The collection of skeletons is likewise small (4,776 specimens, over 770 species), but historically important, and contains a disproportionate number of large animals. Included are: the only known full skeleton of the extinct Quagga; numerous tapirs, elephants, giraffes, and African antelopes; and a large series of buffalo skulls from the 1870s.
Its collection of marmots consists of 59 specimens representing 4 identified species of American Marmots.

Genus MARMOTA Blumenbach, 1779

Data obtained by courtesy of Internet.
Marmot collection mainly consists of skulls, skeletons and skins.

Marmota broweri

2 specimens (United States, Alaska, 2).

Marmota caligata

5 specimens (Canada, B.C., 5).

Marmota flaviventris

11 specimens (Canada, 1 ; United States, 10).

Marmota monax

40 specimens (Canada, United States).

Marmota sp.

1 specimen.

Detailed list of YPM Marmot collection