Nagorsen, D

Royal British Columbia Museum,

Victoria, B. C., V8V 1X4








Nebel , D.

Office National des Forêts

Maison forestière de Seix n°1

09140 Seix



(33) 5-61-66-86-88 Tel., (33) 5-61-66-93-16 fax



NESTEROVA N.L. Natalia Leonidovna

Litovsky Bulvar, 3, korp. 2, apt. 90 (?)

117588, Moscow,


[email protected]

(095) 956-95-95 tel.

Candidate of Biology (Ph.D.), Marmota bobac, ethology, Marmot' alarm calls



NIKOL'SKII A.A. Alexander Alexandrovich

Russian People's Friendship University, Ecological fac., Dept. of System Ecology,

Podolskoye road, 8/5 [8/5, Podol'skoye shosse]

113093, Moscow,


[email protected]

(095) 952-77-07 tel.,

(095) 952-89-01 fax

Professor, Dr.Sci (Biology), all species of marmots, total area of the Genus Marmota, geographical variability of M. bobac; situational variations of the M. bobac alarm call.