Alexander Victorovich ESIPOV A.V.

Birth date: 02.09.57
University Degrees :Master


Researcher of Institute of Zoology
Institute of Zoology Uzbek
Academy of Sciences
Laboratory of mammalogy

[email protected]

Expériences de Recherche / Research experience:

  • Researcher of Institute of Zoology (UZ) s. 1979 to present
  • Member of Russian Theriology Society s. 1982 to present
  • Member of Uzbek Zoological Society s.1990 to present
  • Member of Comission on Marmots, Russian Theriology Society s. 1995 to present
  • Leader of Uzbek team of researchers (INTAS grant -94-1428) “International Marmot Network”: Ecology and management of marmot biodiversity in Eurasia, 1995
  • Consultant in Central Asia Transboundary Biodiversity Project, GEF Trust Fund Grant #TF022498, 2001
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