Birth date:
University Degrees :
  • Ph.D. 1995 University of Chicago
  • M.S. 1992 University of Chicago
  • M.A. 1988 San Diego State University
  • B.A. 1983 University of California, Berkeley

  • Currently:

    Assistant Professor at Florida State University
    Department of Biological Science, Conradi 209
    Tallahassee FL 32306-1100

    [email protected]

    Expériences de Recherche / Research experience:

    molecular and morphological systematics of various rodent groups, including Sciuridae and Muroidea
    Publications RĂ©centes
    Recent Publications

    Steppan, S.J., Hakhverdyan, M, Lyapunova, E., Vorontsov, N., Fraser, D.G., Hoffmann, R.S., and Braun, M.J. 1999. Molecular phylogeny of the marmots (Rodentia: Sciuridae): tests of evolutionary and biogeographic hypotheses. Syst. Biol. 48(4):715-734.