Vadim Konstantinovich ZINTSHENKO (=V.K. Zinchenko)

Birth date: June, 5, 1958
University Degrees :Graduated from Tomsk State University in 1986. Diploma work: "Biology and ecology of vipper (Vipera berus L.) in southern part of West Siberia"


Curator at Siberian Zoological Museum
Institute of Animal Systematic and Ecology
Academy of Sciences
Novosibirsk 91
630091 RUSSIA

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Expériences de Recherche / Research experience:

  • 1986-1993 - senior laboratory assistant of Zoological Museum of Biological Institute, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (now - Siberian Zoological Museum of the Institute of Animal Systematics and Ecology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences);
  • 1993- present time - junior scientific researcher.
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