Holarctic Marmots as a factor of Biodiversity.
Abstracts of the
3d Conference on Marmots (Cheboksary, Russia, 25-30 August 1997), Moscow ABF 1997, 216p., 34 (Russian).


J. Demberel*, J. Batbold**

* Center for Conlrol and Research Natural Infections
** Faculty of Biology, National University of Mongolia

This study was based on long term study on marmot distribution and abundance. We have got about 40-year data, with last 5-10-year data analysed. Between 1986-1989 we and zoologists from the Institutions for Control and Research Natural Infections have studied distribution and density of marmots on all the territory of Mongolia using a general method worked out by us (Demberel, Batbold, 1986). After the study and the analysis were carried out we made a map of marmot distribution (1:1 500 000). Marmot density (number of marmots in a hectare) is showen by 6 gradations on the map.
Two species of marmot (Mongolian - Marmota sibirica and Altai - Marmota baibacina) are found in Mongolia. Marmots are distributed in forest-steppe, steppe and mountain-steppe. Their distribution area confined to the 49-52 of North latitude and 88-102 of longitude. The marmots are found on 68.2 per cent of all territory of the country or 1068.0 thousand square kilometres. Total number of the both species is 10.7 millions (Demberel, Batsukh, 1990; Demberel, Batbold, 1991).
The Altai marmots spread in the following area: the north extremety of their distribution is Altai Siilkhem mountains, the south extremety- Ulaagchingiin davaa pass of mountain, the west extremety - State border and the east extremety - Khukhserkh-Tsambagarav mountains (Erdeneburen sum) respectively. The marmots spread on the territory of 12 sums of Bayan-Ulgii aimag or 7.0 thousand km square. They number 665.1 thousand or 6.2 per cent of the total number.
The Ulaagchingiin davaa - the pass of Munkhhairkhan mountains is the junction of the both species distribution.
Mongolian marmots are spread through out the steppe zone and most mountain regions. In other word, they distributed from the Altai mountains through the Khangai and Khentii to Khyangang mountains or along the 48th latitude. Their distribution area and numbers are 1061.1 thousand km square and 10.0 millions respcctively. In general, the Mongolian marmots are mostly found in Mongolia. There are very small settlements over the State borders: on the territories of Buryat Autonomous Republic (Russia) and Inner Mongolia (China).

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