Holarctic Marmots as a factor of Biodiversity.
Rumiantsev V.Yu;, Nikol'skii A.A. & Brandler O.V. eds.,
Abstracts, 3d Conference on Marmots (Cheboksary, Russia, 25-30 August 1997),
Moscow ABF 1997, 216p.


L.V. Egorov

Chuvash state pedagogical institute, Cheboksary, Russia

With the aim of complex studying the ecology of bobacs in Chuvashia we started doing some research the nidikols and coprobionts. The first results on this theeme have been published earlier (Egorov, 1996).

The researches were carried out in 1994-96 on the territory of the relict (aborigen) colony (the neighbourhood of the village M. Shikhirdany, Batyrevsky district) and in the settlements of reacclimatized bobacs (near the village Nizh. Kibexi, Tsivilsky district and Nizh. Achaki, Jadrinsky district). Coprobionts were chosen from the excrements found in outside "lavatories" and in the tops of bobacs holes as well. 746 exemplare of Coleoptera in all belonging. The composition of the fauna reflected in Table.

The coprophagous re the most diverse (17 species from 2 families and 5 genera - 690 ex.). The species of the Aphodius dominate. A. putridius, A. rotundangulus, A. isajevi, O. vitulus - spezialized utilizers of the excrements of bobacs (and souslics), facultative nidicols. M. silantjevi - tipical nidicol (pholeophil), S. turcomanicus - facultative nidicol. The fauna of Colony 1 (15 species) is much more diverse than in Colonies 2, 3 (8 species). In the latter there have been discovered only unspecialized coprophagous.

Composition of beetles-coprobionts and nidikols fauna of Marmota bobac Mull. in Chuvashia

Names of taxonsColony 1Colony 2, 3
I. Fam. Hydrophilidae
1. Cercyon quisquilius L.+
2. C. melanocephalus L.+
3. Sphaeridium scarabaeoides L.+
II. Fam. Histeridae
1. Margarinotus silantievi Schrir.+
2. Saprinus turcomanicus Men.+
III. Fam. Staphylinidae++
1. Onthoplestes tessalatus Foucr.+
IV. Scarabaeidae
1. Aphodius putridus Forcr.+
2. A. melanostictus W. Schm.++
3. A. isajevi Kabakov+
4. . sabulicola Thoms.+
5. A. distinctus Mull.++
6. A. prodromus Brahm.++
7. A. fimetarius L.+
8. A. rotundangulus Rtt.+
9. A. immundus Creutz.+
10. A. ictericus Laich.+
11. A.granarius L.++
12. Psammodius germanus L.++
13. Ontophagus vitulus F.+
14. O. semicornis Pz.++
V. Fam. Corylophidae
1. Orthoperus sp.+
Colony 1 - the relict colony; 2, 3 - the reacclimatized colony.

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