Holarctic Marmots as a factor of Biodiversity.
Rumiantsev V.Yu;, Nikol'skii A.A. & Brandler O.V. eds.,
Abstracts, 3d Conference on Marmots (Cheboksary, Russia, 25-30 August 1997),
Moscow ABF 1997, 216p. : 174-175.


G.V. Paramonov, M.N. Leontieva, A.P. Zakharov

Nizhny Novgorod Hunting Administration, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

In Nizhny Novgorod region, on northern limit of past area, to the present of time was generated most northwest in Povolzhie isolated settlement of european bobac - Marmota bobac Mull., 1776 (Shiyan et al., l991; Dimitriev et al., 1994). Marmots was let out here 1983-84 years (Putilova, 1986). As have shown the calculation, which huntsmans spent (Paramonov et al., 1996), to the begining of 90's in basic settlement on valley of Suboy river and on the new villages inhabited 171 animals. The first phase of reacclimatization - naturalization of a species - (on Chesnokov, 1979) - was finished successfully (Shiyan et a1.,1991).

In 90's years were spent 2 three-divisible and 1 double visual calculation number of bobac (table). Stocks of mazmot by 1996 year have reached 207 specimens and in comparison with turningpoint of 1985 year have increased in 3 times. In Krasnooctyabrsky district in basic settlement on the place of Urazovsky state biological (hunting) protected territory the number of this species was stabilized at a level 160-170 specimens (with a juveniles). Outside protected territory in 1996 inhabited 21 adult marmots. In four families has appeared a young animals (a juveniles and a yearling). In the Bolshe-Boldinsky, Sergachs and Gaginsky districts 4 families form independent new villages, separated from basic settlement of distance in 10-25 km. In Krasnooctyabrsky district is marked 7 new villages. However, 4 of them are uninhabited.

Number and reproduction of bobac in Nizhny Novgorod region in 1990-19% years.
YearNumber of familiesStocks of animalsNumber of pups in familyIndicator of reproduction, %
TotalJuveniles, %Common nJuveniles, %AverageLimits
Settlement in the valley of Suboy River
New villages
* Double account with the amendment (Leontieva et al., see real collection); in the other years, three divisible account. in the other years - three-divisble account

Intensity of bobac reproduction in basic settlement on valley of Suboy river in comparison with a phase of naturalization has decreased, the share of young has decreased with 40-50 up to 32- 35%. Especially is low it was in 1990 year, when young bobacs have appeared only in 27% of families. This year are merit of the special attention, as in it was marked much new families, in which animals were not reproduced. All these families by 1994 year are disappeared. On the new villages in 1990 year animals were not reproduced; in other years the indicator of reproduction (Bibikov, 1989) differed from such in basic settlement (table). Thus, settlement of bobac in Nizhny Novgorod region enter into in a phase of "ecological explosion", beginning of which it is possible to consider 1990 year. The new villages near the v. Chernukha, vv. Chufarovo and Nilovka can become the base of new settlements. However, large growth of number, which according to this phase, until has taken place. Obviously, growth of number restrains foxes and dogs, and outside protected territory - a poaching. Settlement requires protection of the men up to now .

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